Saturday, February 23, 2013

Songs On The Street - Vol. 5


In 2013, Andy Warstar got back on the horse, spurred it's sides, and galloped into town with more busking gear than he could carry. Actually, Warstar rode the city bus, but you wouldn't believe how much stuff is required to make amplified sound down there on the street! Thus, volume number five in the "Songs On The Street" series has become a reality. And this time, Andy Warstar is featured jamming on the streets of Brisbane, Australia, the city of his birth.

Sure, that all sounds pretty cool, hey? Andy's first time busking on the streets in the city where he was born. A brand new, battery powered busking amplifier to play through, a nice guitar to strum, and a big old fashioned chrome microphone to attract the attention of the passers by. And yet, not one single person dropped any coins in Andy's case! Andy was offering his latest compact disc (home burned and signed, and the first to feature a jewel case with a sticker album cover) on a sliding scale basis, or Free for those who had no money. But nobody even stopped for a Free compact disc!

The problem is that Brisbane is a city overrun with buskers, and the worker slaves in the CBD don't like to acknowledge the artist as Human any longer. With that realization, Andy Warstar said "F__k it" and did whatever songs came to mind, regardless of what anybody thought. It also happened to be Kurt Cobain's 45th birthday, and so Andy Warstar performed a few Nirvana songs, along with a few originals and some Bob Dylan stuff as well. It doesn't really matter that nobody is buying folk music anymore, because the performance got recorded anyway (in two different locations, first at King George Square, and then at Queen Street Mall) and it's FREE to listen and download. Enjoy & Rock On!

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