Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Live @ Grill'd


In 2013, Andy Warstar moved back to Australia to rehabilitate. Due to an intense "spiritual" experience after eating marijuana cookies (and visiting with the Lizard People) it was time to get the facts straight. It was time to go straight edge again, write some new songs, put out another solo album and play some supporting gigs. A gig at a hamburger stand on a desert island was the first attempt at a supporting effort for the new album entitled "Ethellen".

Unfortunately, the video camera on Warstar's phone shut off 10 minutes into the set due to an incoming text, so only half of the first song got recorded. The sound girl noticed that the recording stopped, but said nothing, only continuing to sit in the corner, zombie-like, occasionally snapping unthoughtfully composed photographs. One of these was chosen for the album cover by Mr. Warstar, though this isn't an album cover because it's not an album. It's half a song and a ten minute spoken word explaining why Mr. Warstar will not be scheduling any more shows himself.

Oh sure, all of the songs came off wonderfully. It's anti-folk! It's impossible to fuck up, and fuck ups just add to the mystique. But it was equally as sucky that the sound girl absent mindedly dumped Warstar's harmonicas all over the floor just before his songs kicked off. You can even hear this on the recording just before Andy is introduced. Even more disturbing was the band that followed, doing horrible Grateful Dead covers! Absolutely terrible. One of their groupies was seen chatting it up with Warstar, who gave away seven copies of ETHELLEN. He is said to have given a groupie his phone number, but is not expecting a phone call any time soon. Enjoy & Rock On!

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