Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Hard Year's Life


In 2012, The Shift predicted by the New Age gurus everywhere was imminent. Mr. Andy Warstar was ready. It was time to ascend, and reach higher planes of consciousness! When demons attacked instead, Andy was taken completely off guard. In meditations and dream states, they appeared to Andy as government agents, and Warstar wasn't sure if he was being mind controlled by the U.S. government or if he was losing his mind. It seemed like a bit of both.

Andy Warstar sold all his life's possessions, which at the time was not much. With a hundred bucks in his pocket, Warstar began hitching south from Oregon, all the way through California, and walked across the border of Mexico. After passing through Tijuana, Warstar caught a bus south into Central America, then caught another bus to Costa Rica in hopes of getting help from his Canadian friend who was there on vacation. But Andy's friend couldn't help. It was Andy's friend's friend who told  how he had experienced similar phenomenon, only to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Andy's fair weather friends went off to hike up volcanoes with their rich parents. Warstar was left in the small town of Jaco wondering what the heck was happening to him. Working for two dollars an hour washing dishes, it the fourth night after work that a man wearing a rosary led Andy to a hostel near the beach. Warstar meditated all night long, when a spirit named Hare Ananda appeared and told him to go to the airport first thing in the morning, then call friends back home in an effort to get a plane ticket to Australia. The Krishna spirit told Andy Warstar to just leave town, don't give notice at work, go straight on to the airport, and that it would take a number of hours to find someone who would help, but not to give up until success was achieved.

Warstar was given a mantra to repeat during this time: "I am a great ball of golden light expanding through the Universe" Hare Ananda told Andy to repeat this over and over until he got on the plane. After some time, a friend did come through with money for a plane ticket, and Andy Warstar has been in Australia getting therapy and reassembling the pieces of his life ever since that time. "A Hard Year's Life" is a compilation of the songs recorded during this, the most harrowing spiritual journey of a young musician's career. From rarities about the plight of homelessness, to ad-libbed songs done on stage in Australia with no rehearsal whatsoever, this is a special album containing unique songs that are in a category all their own. Enjoy and Rock On...

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