Tuesday, January 22, 2013



In 2013, Andy Warstar spent his time wintering in Brisbane, Australia, getting all rehabilitated and stuff. Because in the magical year of 2012, it seemed that your old pal Andy Warstar experienced the magical "Shift" of consciousness that all the hippies were talking about (either that, or he may have finally cracked). With the stress of being jobless and homeless for so darn long in the United States, it was inevitable that Warstar would escape the bleak, economically destitute climate of southern Oregon and return to the abundance of Australia, the land of his birth.

Once back on his feet, Andy Warstar got back to recording and releasing music from the safety of his bedroom, regardless of what the Satanic voices were telling him. This album charts that comeback, almost in a chronological story format. With new songs about the symptoms of psychic attack such as "I Can't Sleep", along with the story of Andy's exodus from America in "Fuck The Government", this album provides more music for hardcore Warheads to chew on than ever before. Containing 75 tracks and over 30 minutes of spoken word, she clocks in at 3 hours 17 minutes and 45 seconds. Ethellen is quite possibly the longest Punk Folk album ever released!

As an added bonus for Warheads, the Ethellen - Special Edition has been released so as to fit onto one compact disc (if you're into the whole brevity thing). With a framed album cover, the beauty of Ethellen really shines. Many thanks to Gary from New Zealand for requesting this, and you shall have a copy mailed out to you shortly, sir! (Warheads please also note links to Ethellen t-shirts in the side bar) That's right folks, if you've been looking for a classic Andy Warstar album that contains multiple reasons to indulge in The Andy Warstar Collection, ETHELLEN comes through (and then some!). Enjoy & Rock On...

Listen and download "Ethellen - Original Edition" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Ethellen - Original Edition" by Andy Warstar HERE!

Listen and download "Ethellen - Special Edition" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Ethellen - Special Edition" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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