Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Andy Warstar Collection


In 2013, Andy Warstar released The Andy Warstar Collection as a 13.44 gigabyte torrent on The Pirate Bay. Unfortunately, technical difficulties affected the availability of the torrent. Now, the collection is being seeded once again. If you want to download the collection as a torrent, you can download the torrent file HERE.

You will then need to use a torrent client such as uTorrent or Vuze to download the collection. These programs are free and easy to use. After you download the collection, please keep it where it's at in your downloads folder and keep uTorrent running for a while in order to seed. This makes the Andy Warstar collection faster for everybody else to download. Thanks!

NOTE: Additional song material was released after this torrent was released. So the torrent, unfortunately, is not the complete collection. Warheads can now download The Andy Warstar Collection in it's entirety via www.andywarstar.wordpress.com. ADDITIONAL NOTE: For those die-hards who must have every song, there are a couple on Youtube that aren't available as downloads. Techies should be able to figure out how to grab the audio.

Warheads who are complete-ists will want to pay special attention to this part. When you visit
www.andywarstar.wordpress.com, you can download the albums in two different ways. You can click any album title to visit Internet Archive where the albums are hosted and stream the album or download songs one by one. You can also click any red DOWNLOAD link and visit MEGA where the albums are also hosted, then download the entire album you want in a couple clicks. Both ways of downloading The Andy Warstar Collection are easy and fun. So start downloading the Andy Warstar collection today! You'll be glad you did. Thanks for listening. Enjoy & Rock On!!!!

This blog entry is dedicated to all the WARSTARS past and present:

(1998) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, Velvet Draven Warstar - Guitar & Vocals

(2000) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, Adam Ion Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, Bit-O-Honey Warstar - Percussion, Stone Warstar - Percussion

(2001) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, Agent Smith Warstar - Bass Guitar, Shmoby Warstar - Percussion, Cody Pendant Warstar - Percussion

(2002) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, Kreistgryndor Warstar - Bass Guitar, Agent Smith Warstar - Bass Guitar, Battleship Potamkin Warstar - Percussion, Bitch Warstar - Percussion

(2003) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, Evilyn Vegas Warstar - Bass Guitar, Shmoby Warstar - Percussion, Jordan Warstar - Percussion

(2005) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, Captain James T. Warstar - Percussion, Eddy Warstar - Bass Guitar, Jesus Adolf Warstar - Guitar & Bass, Matty Warstar - Percussion, 6 of 9 Warstar - Bass & Vocals, Apollo Warstar - Percussion

(2008) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, J Galactic Warstar - Percussion, Low Road Warstar - Guitar, Bass & Vocals, Galileo Warstar - Bass & Vocals, Biochrome Warstar - Bass Guitar, Android Warstar - Percussion, Mike McWarstar - Percussion

(2010) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, J Galactic Warstar - Percussion, Gyro Man-Gina Warstar - Bass Guitar

(2011) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, J Galactic Warstar - Percussion, Harm Money Warstar - Bass Guitar

(2013) Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Live @ Manly Deck


In 2012, Andy Warstar resumed living in Brisbane, Australia. Around that time, he found an advertisement on Gumtree (an Aussie website similiar to Craigslist) wherein a local pub was looking for acts for it's open mike night. Andy answered the ad, sent off a demo, was met with approval and scheduled a gig.

This night was quite special because Frank, the guy running the show, was a congenial guy and excellent at doing sound. He took his time getting Andy set up (only an added ten minutes or so), and as a result we get this excellent soundboard recording. There are so few of these in Andy's catalogue, and mainly due the fact that most places you go, the sound guy is an inexperienced young asshole who rushes the artist on and off the stage.

But this night was different, and not only did Warstar get this great recording, he was also able to video the gig as well for Youtube. The downside of this gig is that the artists were placed in an awkward corner behind a pool table. The feng shui was all wrong, and Andy Warstar felt it. It lent for a bit of jingle jangle and flubs (like forgetting to include the chorus on Birthday Boy, a farewell song to Ween), but who cares anyway. Who's gonna listen to this? Besides, Warheads don't listen to Andy Warstar & the Warstars to hear some perfectly polished corporate rock band.

Also included here is a first time performance of two songs, Strength To Endure by RAMONES and Looking For Nothing, an Andy Warstar original. There are a couple Bob Dylan covers and a few Andy Warstar classics. All in all, it's a pretty cool recording. For what this is, being FREE and all, it's fucking great! Enjoy & Rock On...

Listen and download "Live @ Manly Deck" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Live @ Manly Deck" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Easy Valley Jams


In 2010, Andy Warstar finally found a place to live after being thrown out of the house by his sister the day before Christmas. That's right, his own sister threw him out of the house, and there wasn't even an argument. Maybe she didn't like Andy expressing his opinions on the existence of aliens or 9/11 being an inside job. But just because somebody in your family has a different opinions is no reason to throw them out of the house on the holidays!

And where did Andy land? Well, he ended up dropping his guitar amplifier off at the home of J Galactic Warstar (pictured) in Talent, Oregon. Warstar humbled himself and asked if he could stay for a couple days. After all, it was snowing and Warstar had nowhere to live except a tent in the forest. So J Galactic showed some compassion and invited Andy to stay for the holidays. The holidays passed, and when weeks turned into months, the two old friends decided it might be cool to see about regrouping Warstars. So a couple jams took place. One yielded the Staring At The Sun E.P. and the other yielded this, the Easy Valley Jams.

While the recording is bootleg quality, the music was exciting enough for J Galactic's year and half old daughter to bounce around to. And there's also a couple really cool remixes of Loose Change, a song that Andy Warstar always felt had the potential to be a kind of Warstars hit or classic or whatever. Anyway, it harkens back to Andy's second band, The Hinge, and is sort progressive punk or progressive grunge. Anyway it's cool and it's FREE.

So why didn't Galactic stay in Warstars and make it happen again? When Andy asked him, J Galactic said "I'm just really enjoying playing drums for God with the church band". Andy Warstar told him that was what he was doing, playing music for God and whatever. "Can't you tell, Jeff? That's why I write songs about the government being corrupt and stuff. 'Cuz God don't like that shit!" But J had his mind made up, and so it was that he would never play in Warstars again. So dig these last moments with him down in the trailer park, because that's all you get. Enjoy & Rock On!!

Listen and download "Easy Valley Jams" by Andy Warstar & the Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Easy Valley Jams" by Andy Warstar & the Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 15


In 2008, Warstars played their final jam session at KSKQ studios before their only gig in The Plaza that summer. Nobody except Andy Warstar knew this would be the final recording session. And nobody expected Andy Warstar to go away to the ocean and not plan on returning to the hellacious, economically depressed Rogue Valley. But he  did leave, and he went off on a spiritual journey to discover Zen Buddhism.

But let's talk about this recording. This was the last one in the studio before the gig. It's better quality than the sound capture on the live recording. Almost every song came out perfectly. Almost every song made it onto disc 1 of "Whatever - A Double Album". And every song here was recovered off the production computer that was going to be thrown out, two years after the fact. In fact, everyone had forgot that these recordings existed, so it's a bloody miracle that anybody gets to hear them at all.

Some people were very upset that the Warstars disbanded after the gig. And your old pal Andy Warstar didn't hear the worst of it until one random time two years after this session when he went over to Galileo's place for a beer. His housemate freaked out and started calling Andy names, spewing out hateful comments like "Look at this guy! He looks like a Jew! He's a trust fund baby!!" Nothing could be further from the truth. Your old pal Andy Warstar is NOT Jewish. He's Australian. And he's not a trust fund baby. He was broke the whole time this music was being made. And you get it all for FREE. Enjoy & Rock On...

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 15" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 15" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 14


In 2008, Andy Warstar & the Warstars was finishing their last jam sessions at KSKQ studios. Except Galileo Warstar and J Galactic Warstar were unaware that Andy wanted to take a break from the band he created. A nice LONG break as a matter of fact. So jams continued on as normal. And this is one of those final jams, which is also one of the "lost" recordings, recovered by Warstar off the production computer two years after the fact.

Yes, the band was tight and jamming was going good. Everybody was ready for the upcoming gig in The Plaza, and at least two of the Warstars were thinking that they'd go on a long illustrious career being famous punk rockers. But Andy Warstar knew he had to get out. It was a pain in the ass to keep a band together while being homeless, and nobody had anywhere to put him. There weren't any good jobs, and the "spiritual" path was calling Andy Warstar.

So two years after this line up disbanded, Andy Warstar pulled these recordings off the hard drive of the KSKQ production computer that was about to be tossed out. It's a miracle that these recordings were found. How everybody forgot that they'd been recorded, nobody will ever know. I guess it's more proof of how stupid people are. Stupid enough to create nuclear bombs, and stupid enough to forget that they recorded some really cool punk rock once upon a time. Oh well. Enjoy & Rock On!!!!!!!!!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 14" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 14" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 13


In 2008, Andy Warstar & the Warstar kept jamming at KSKQ and here's another one of them there jams. This one is really special because it's one of the "lost recordings". As in, the last five KSKQ sessions were recovered from the radio station computer that was about to be thrown out, two whole years after that Warstars line up disbanded.

Andy Warstar sat in his friend's garage during the summer of 2010 and meticulously converted these sessions to the highest quality mp3s available (fuck FLAC, the files are too big and most people can't afford the storage space anyways). So you get to hear the last days of Warstars in 2008 when the band was really fucking tight. And most of this material would be culled for a double album release as "Whatever - A Double Album", the one with the Darth Vader/Pink Floyd album cover.

There are some killer songs on this album, especially the last one, which is a medley, going from Ganja Farm to Pitchfork into Polly. This jam captures the essence of Warstars jamming capabilities and reminds the listener of the early days of the band as well. Heck, all the songs on this session came out really good, and there's even a funny version of White Girls On Skateboards (originally Black Boys On Mopeds) retitled as Penguins On Skimboards. Ah... The Warstars humor will never end. Enjoy & Rock On!!!!!!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 13" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 13" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 12


In 2008, Andy Warstar & the Warstars kept jamming at KSKQ studios. Sometimes, practices got cut short. This is one of those days when only six songs got played and recorded. Because time was short, the band focused on the songs that needed the most work. And a couple of these songs happened to be some really good ones, like "Inside Job".

Anyway, these songs are what happened that day with Andy Warstar, Galileo Warstar, and J Galactic Warstar. It was fun. People were enjoying themselves. Then Galileo went off to work and Andy Warstar got busy producing all the KSKQ sessions into album material for you to listen and download all these years later. Rock and roll history right here, kids.

The lesson is that if you have a band and don't have much time to rehearse, do a couple songs that need work. And spend time on a couple songs that you do really well so that everybody feels like they came together and accomplished something. Nobody wants to hear a cornucopia of poop coming out of their stereo, or if they do, they can listen to Motley Crue. But for you, dear Warheads, there's almost infinite Warstars recordings to keep you entertained 'til your dying day. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sesssions - Vol. 12" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sesssions - Vol. 12" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 11


In 2008, Andy Warstar and J Galactic Warstar showed up for practice at Studio 2B down there at KSKQ, but where was Galileo? He was not there that day. It was not to be. Instead, Andy's old friend Biome showed up because he fancied he'd be helping out a good cause, standing in on bass guitar for the local community punk rock band.

So enter Biome, whose stage name that day was Biochrome Warstar. While Biome also appeared on an episode of The Andy Warstar Radio Hour, his tenure with the band was limited. And this is the one and only recording session where he played. Few people might remember that in 2012, four years after this jam session, Biome ran for Mayor of Ashland, Oregon. No, he didn't win, but he did get six percent of the vote. Fairly significant for an unknown candidate.

Yeah, so this recording session is special because the songs were slowed down a bit so that Biome could follow along. Everything has a bit more of a laid back feel to it. There was more room for Andy Warstar's vocal ad-libbing, and all in all, everybody had fun and stuff. There's also a couple of really cool takes of acoustic Andy Warstar solo material down there near the end of the album. Gosh. It was so rad. Those were the days. Now we're old and dead, and the world has been horribly polluted and ended and all the animals are dead. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 11" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 11" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 10


In 2008, Warstars kept playing. Wow... What the fuck do you say about this much punk rock? What other band has EVER put out this much material in the history of punk music?? None! That's how many!! And that's why it's easy to say "Fuck all of you, you're lazy and we rule". But no, really, if it wasn't for your apatheticness and shittyness, we would've had no inspiration at all.

Anyway, this jam sessions rules because there was some innovative stuff that happened and stuff. The band was getting tighter and tighter in preparation for the gig in The Plaza and everything. Nobody thought these times would ever end. Andy Warstar was going to live on the cafe rooftop forever, Galileo Warstar was going to work at Taco Bell forever, and J Galactic Warstar was going to look after geriatrics until he became one. Yes, the folly of youth or middle age or whatever.

Anyway, did I mention this recording session is awesome and rules and KSKQ and stuff. KSKQ. A radio station in a valley that three people listened to one time. And stuff. We were a punk band. We were Warstars. We were special. We played music and shit. Nobody made any money. Nobody cared then a couple years of homelessness later, Andy Warstar went crazy from Toxoplasmosis or some shit and ended up in Australia because fuck society it's all fucked and fuck you. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 10" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 10" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 9


In 2008, Andy Warstar & the Warstars continued their amazing onslaughter of punkified jam bam thank you ma'am down thar at KSKQ studios in southern Oregon. This jam opens with the brand new song "If I Had A Gun" which is the only known recording of it. And more than this, this features the line up of Andy Warstar, Low Road Warstar, and J Galactic. Why Galileo Warstar appears playing bass on Vol. 8 nobody will ever know.

Was Warstars trying out the new bass player early? Oh yes, that must be it. Because the guys knew Low Road wasn't going to work out for the long time. Then why the hell was he playing on this recording? Nobody knows. It may be apparent in close listens to these recordings back to back. Really, you could figure it out. But who cares. Nobody. Nobody cares so fuck off. Just download this fucking shit you bastards. Make us rich and famous already so we can save the starving childrens and find chicks to hump. We gotta score. Scoring is the whole point of life.

This recording session is also special because Breyanna, the band's own Yoko Ono, sat in and served everyone coffee while smoking joints and flaunting her breasts and buttocks. Actually, she did none of those things, she just smoked weed and hung out while the band played songs about her. It was rad. Breyanna is rad, and if you don't like her then you're stupid. Oh and you should get a show at KSKQ if you live in the valley and support community radio and shit. A project of the multi-cultural association and like fuck and whatever. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol 9" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol 9" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 8


In 2008, Warstars finally had a line up where it felt like the band would last forever. The classic punk sound was being cranked out every week, and everybody seemed happy. Yes folks, Andy Warstar, Galileo Warstar and J Galactic Warstars got into it. Many said they were better than the Ramones. Others said they inspired nothing and nobody. And others said they were just rock and roll to get chicks. Um, we thought that was the point?

So this session features some songs that did make it onto the album, whereas some cuts could not make it for various reasons (drum sticks clicking together and being picked up by the sensitive microphones). Generally, most of this stuff is really fun listening, though. This is what a band sounds like when everybody is getting along, communicating well, and the recordings are sounding good. Yes folks, Warstars kicked ass. It still kicks ass, whether the band is playing gigs or not. This band will last forever in infamy and will always be better than all other bands and five stars and whatever, fuck you.

So why did this line up disentegrate at the end of the summer? Well, Andy Warstar wanted to go down to the ocean and do some sungazing and meditation. After all, living in a valley where there's no jobs living on the rooftop of an abandoned cafe is nobody's idea of a good time for very long, right? And Mendocino treated Andy Warstar really well. Yeah, the guys were all wondering if the band would regroup. Andy didn't even know at that point if it would. But it was way too much stress for him to think about running a punk band while being homeless, and he needed an out. So you get these recordings until the band regroups. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 8" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 8" by Warstars HERE!

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