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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 7


In 2008, Warstars kept playing music at KSKQ studios and recording everything. A lot of time was spent getting the songs perfect, with less time adjusting levels. So the vocals came out NICE AND CLEAR. You can bet your sweet ass that you'll hear most of Andy's vocals and amazing lyrics. I mean wow. Like wow. Totally.

And then there's the rest of the band. They did a good job. Again, the best of these recordings went onto "More Punk Than You - Vol. 2". The band wasn't quite at the stage where they were putting out material for "Legend of the Golden Vagina". They were still getting Inside Job all polished, and the rest of the songs too, trying to figure out which ones would get play on The Andy Warstar Radio Hour later that day, or night, or the next day, whatever fuck you.

Yeah, these songs came out good and probably were the ones most likely to get played on the radio show that night or whatever. But who knows. Nobody really remembers, and the radio show was online on the internet and only ever had like two or three listeners at any one time. So all the effort the band put out was mainly for the Warchives so that you, the Warhead, could now download and listen to everything the Warstars ever put out, hoarding and aiming for Circle IV of Dante's Inferno. Don't worry, you won't be trapped in Hell forever. Andy Warstar was there, and he got out (or did he?). Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 7" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 7" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 6


In 2008, Warstars was starting to get their songs tighter and tighter and the recordings were all digital and shit, so they rocked and like fuck and shit and fuck. The line up once again was Andy Warstar - Guitar & Vocals, Low Road Warstar - Bass Guitar, and J Galactic - Percussion.

These two albums are cut from the same session, and the best takes would end up on "More Punk Than You - Vol. 2", the first album that Warstars released in the summer of 2008 (and no, there was not a volume one, it's a joke we borrowed from George Harrison). Yeah, these sessions rule and shit. Did I say that? Who is writing this goddam review anyways? Some crazy man? Who cares. Keep reading.

The creativity was off the hook here. Andy Warstar was truly versatile and the other guys were helpful in supporting the madness. Everybody thought they were gonna be famous. It's almost as if certain bandmates were using their time with Andy Warstar to gain street cred, or just to be cool. We won't say who had ulterior alternative alterior leather interior motives, or whatever. It doesn't matter. It's like Andy Warstar says on Fascist State: "We're perfect!!!" Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 6 (Disc 1)" by Warstars for FREE here:

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 6 (Disc 2)" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 6" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 5


In 2008, Warstars continue their jams at KSKQ and here's another session (spread across three albums) that were recorded, and this time it's really a lot of pure punk rock all the way through, except for Low Road's emo rock and Irish ballads don't come in until the end of the third disc which is nice. So you can wind down from the intensity of Andy Warstar's frenzied screaming, screeching, growling and cracking voice. It's pretty awesome though.

Yeah, this was when J Galactic actually showed up to practice and the second session is really the first session where the line up of Andy, Low Road, and Galactic all played together and jammed out the punk songs that would eventually become the albums "More Punk Than You - Vol. 2" and "Legend Of The Golden Vagina". Yes, the same songs appeared on "Whatever - A Double Album" but that album had Galileo on bass guitar.

Now you  can tell somebody had O.C.D. because a certain bass player on this session (o.k. it was Low Road) had to do each of his songs four or five times. What a pain in the ass! (even Andy had to do a couple of his songs more than once on the second disc, and all the mis-takes are included here for you punk rock pleasure). Enjoy & Rock On!

NOTE: This "session" may or may not have all happened on the same day. Your old pal Andy Warstar's memory is a little hazy, and it was at the time these were recorded as well. So what's up for debate is whether the the third disc happened on a different day. Heck, maybe the second two discs happened on a different day. Does it really fucking matter? It's punk rock and whatever, fuck you. Enjoy and... Oh wait I said that already. Well whatever. Can I say fuck you one more time? Yes. And here's one more sentence so that if I type it out the link is in the right place under this paragraph. Rock On!!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 5 (Disc 1)" by Warstars for FREE here:

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol 5 (Disc 2)" by Warstars for FREE here:

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol 5 (Disc 3)" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol 5" by Warstars HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 4


In 2008, the Warstars continue jamming at KSKQ studios in Ashland, Oregon. Here, we have a session wherein Low Road Warstar (who was calling himself Dusty at that point) plays a bunch of his originals while Andy Warstar backs him on percussion and vocals.

It's really interesting, because you can sense the conflict in Low Roads voice. It's like he's not really sure if he likes Punk Rock or not. He wants everything perfect, even though he himself is not a perfect person. And it would seem that Andy Warstar was having fun making a bunch of bleeding racket and messing up like some kind of professional agitator or something.

Why Low Road kept dragging along his girlfriend, we'll never know. She wasn't a Yoko Ono or nothin'. He and her broke up shortly after this session and she never returned. So this was foreshadowing of Low Roads short tenure with the band. Also notable towards the end of this session are a number of Andy Warstar originals, plus a twelve minute jam/rant about Gender Dysphoria and people who live through the torture of gender identity issues.

This was one of those sessions where J Galactic didn't bother showing up, so it was either Natalie (a.k.a. Sandy Warstar) trying to play drums, or Low Road and Andy backing each other on percussion. Oh yeah, and there's a bad ass version of Heart Of Gold by Neil Young performed by Mr. Warstar that rocks really hard. So yeah, this some good shit right here. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 4" by Andy Warstar & the Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 4" by Warstars HERE!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 1


In 2008, Andy Warstar was struggling to find a place to live in his hometown of Ashland, Oregon. There were no jobs, and it was little use looking for work. Andy Warstar decided that the best thing to do was to set out doing volunteer work down at KSKQ, Ashland's community radio station.

Within a couple weeks of volunteering and learning to operate the station controls in Studio A single handedly, Andy Warstar realized nobody was really using Studio B. After asking around a bit at the next meeting, everyone agreed that Warstar could use the empty studio for rehearsal space. That's when Andy got busy clearing the space for WARSTARS to regroup and jam.

Not only did Warstar clear the space, he built three production computers for the station to use for recording, storage and office use. He then recruited drummer J Galactic, who answered a "Drummer Wanted" advertisement on Craigslist, an internet website. After a few brief jams with Jeff (a.k.a. J Galactic Warstar), it was decided that Warstars was regrouped. Shortly thereafter, Andy recruited Jerit (a.k.a. Low Road Warstar) on bass guitar. And all this was accomplished by your old pal Andy Warstar while he was homeless and either camping out in the forest, or living on the rooftop of an abandoned cafe!

This album is the first recording session from those fateful days at KSKQ. The guys were getting along well, people were excited to be in a punk band at a radio station, Andy Warstar had creative control over the mix, and people were showing up on time. Keeping in mind that the band was still in the experimental stage with this particular line up, it all sounds pretty good. Everything was recorded digitally with high quality microphones and going right into the computer. Those were the days! Enjoy & Rock On...

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 1" by Andy Warstar & the Warstars for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions - Vol. 1" by Andy Warstar & the Warstars HERE!

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The Voyage Home


In 2005, Andy Warstar and Captain James T. Warstar jammed together one last time. This is that recording session. No, it wasn't a show at a venue. It was just two friends playing music together on their home turf, at Studio 57 (Andy Warstar's house) down there in Ashland, Oregon.

It had been a long year for the band. From the loss of the previous drummer Jason Halstead (a.k.a. Apollo Warstar) came the inception of new drummer Jason Williams, previously of Epitaph Europe band The Fumes. Jason had travelled down from Tri-Cities, Washington in search of a new life, a new wife, and all that. What he found in Ashland was a bargain: a free place to crash, so long as he played drums for Warstars.

Jason (a.k.a. Thrasher) got more than he bargained for. He learned the punk rock ethos, which involved impromptu gigs with little or no rehearsal, jamming with multiple bass players, and dealing with Eddy Warstar's resignation. Still, Andy Warstar encouraged Jason to keep on keeping on, and the two friends continued to jam as a two piece, regardless. After this jam, Jason (a.k.a. Thrasher a.k.a. Captain James T. Warstar) jumped into his black Jeep Wrangler, shook Andy Warstar's hand and headed back home to Washington see his ex-wife and kids. It had been a good run, and Jason had decided it had been long enough away from his little ones. Andy was sad to see him go, as the songs were getting better and the recordings were getting better too.

An interesting cap to the story: About a year after Jason left Ashland, he randomly called up Andy one day on the telephone while Andy was sitting in his car outside the Food Co-op. Jason thanked Andy for all he had done for him and some of his last words on the phone were "And really man, check out that Urantia book. It's a real trip!" Later, Andy met a guy who had lived on the Urantia compound, only to find out that it is a religious cult in the truest sense of the word. Andy has not heard from the Cap'n since. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen and download "The Voyage Home" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "The Voyage Home" by Warstars HERE!

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Home Movie Soundtrack


In 2005, Andy Warstar and Captain James T. Warstar did what they'd never done before. They filmed themselves jamming at Studio 57 (Andy's old house on Fordyce Street in Ashland, Oregon). A video camera was used to capture the event. It used VHS-C tape, a tiny version of a VHS tape.

Later, Andy ripped the audio from the video and turned it into this here album. Good thing, too because the video was eventually destroyed. Maybe it exists somewhere, like if one of you Warheads out there has copies of one of the two Warstars DVDs that were released: One 4 The Warheads and Another One 4 The Warheads. Both DVDs contain four shows on each disc.

Anyway, it was really nice to capture this jam on video tape, because even though the VHS sound quality wasn't the best, the band was really tight at the time. Also, this is a tribute to both Jason Williams (a.k.a. The Cap'n) and that neat little house on Fordyce street where Andy spent too much time with his cats during long cold winters and rainy days. Many good times were had there, and the band really came together that year. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen & download "The Warstars Home Movie Soundtrack" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "The Warstars Home Movie Soundtrack" by Warstars HERE!

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Live @ Ash St. Saloon - Vol. 2


In 2001, Joey Ramone of RAMONES went up to the great gig in the sky and continued to rock. That same year, Andy Warstar & the Warstars played a show at the Ash Street Saloon in Portland, Oregon and dedicated it to Joey Ramone. The show was filmed with a VHS camera, then the audio was ripped, remastered and edited into this here album! In 2013, this album was re-released with two new bonus tracks. But you want to know about this show, right?

Well first of all, the show was supposed to happen on March 21st, but got post-poned. Therefore, there was no press for this show. As for the band, it was months before this performance when Andy Warstar had joined forces with Ryan Griffin, his friend from college who was occult stuff. To convince Ryan that he was joining the "right" band, Warstar wrote the fictional account of Kaptain Slogbaud, an evil alien spirit who fell to Earth to possess Andy's body and take over the world in order to destroy the entire known Universe with rock and roll. Intended to become a comic book (but coming to nought), Warheads are now only left with is one Slogbaud-themed WARSTARS concert.

A combination of Industrial, Noise Rock, No Wave and more, this is WARSTARS performing anti-music at it's best (or worst, depending on your taste). It is best listened to with headphones when you are in a public place and want to block everyone else out. The subtleties of this recording, from the weird guitar sounds to the random screams from the audience (and camera man Agent Smith in particular) make this recording really interesting. Other interesting moments include the sound effects used in "Drums Of Death", wherein all three bandmates played percussion on full sized oil barrels along with a pre-recorded track. And you can hear the sound of Andy's sparkly gold flying V guitar being smashed in White Zombie's "More Human Than Human".

It wouldn't be a tribute show if a RAMONES song wasn't played. So the album ends with a furious industrial grind version of "Teenage Lobotomy". All in all, this Warstars album stands the test of time, unduplicatable in it's frenzied chaos. There is no other Warstars album like it. No, this album is NOT a Satanic spell, contrary to what the Lizard People may think. Yes, it's a satirical piss-take on heavy wanna-be "evil" bands. Ironic then, how the Evil One tried to use this all against Andy Warstar. That whole story has been captured in the Self Interview, a bonus track on this new re-release.

The other irony in this album's re-release is that it had been destroyed multiple times by Andy Warstar. Then out of nowhere, a copy would turn up somewhere else on somebody else's computer! So it's lucky for you sludge fans that the wonders of the digital Universe can never be destroyed (unlike the band's guitars, a computer monitor and a laptop which were smashed up during this performance). Even the audience joined the fun, grabbing up sharp pieces of the broken guitars and attempting to steal the Warstars equipment! The cops had to be called in to settle the dispute. At any rate, this anti-music is a testament to mock hardcore everywhere! Enjoy & Rock On...

Listen & download "Live @ Ash St. Saloon - Vol. 2" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Live @ Ash St. Saloon - Vol. 2" by Warstars HERE!

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The Vinyl Club Session


In 2005, Andy Warstar and Captain James T. Warstar had just said goodbye to Eddy Warstar, the Warstars bass player. Still, the show must go on as the saying goes. So Andy and the Cap'n went forward with rehearsals for an upcoming gig at Ashland's Vinyl Club.

Typically a club for hipsters and college students, for some insane reason, Andy Warstar decided to book the band there for lack of anywhere else to play. That, and the club used to be called Daddy O's, and was a punk rock bar where NoMeansNo had played.

So in an effort to get that same awesome sound on a recording, Andy Warstar booked the band. And of course, Andy and Jason had to rehearse so this is that recording. But because Vinyl Club was no longer a punk venue, they expected the band to play some lighter, more user-friendly songs that the old regulars who came in during the early evening could dance to. So that's why there's some acoustic sounding songs here. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen and download "The Vinyl Club Session" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "The Vinyl Club Session" by Warstars HERE!

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Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 5


In 2005, the final fourth jam featuring Andy Warstar, Thrasher Warstar and Eddy Warstar was recorded at Studio 57 in Ashland, Oregon. It was a fine and mighty time when three young men could coordinate intricate maneouvers in close quarters, becoming hot and sweaty and nobody thinking they were queer or nothin' 'cuz they were playing such bad ass punk rock. And that's good because everybody was pretty straight, anyways.

What to say about this recording? Well, nobody expected that Eddy would drop out of the band after the Battle Of The Bands gig the following week. The practice sessions had gone so well, and stuff. Andy Warstar did his best to get these recordings to digital as soon as he possibly could so that Eddy could hear just how awesome everything was. Indeed, Eddy Warstar did later claim that his experience in Warstars was "One of the best times of my life"... But evidently, having the best time of his life wasn't enough.

So after this, Thrasher changed his stage name to Captain James T. Warstar and only played with the band for a couple more months. There was one more gig at The Vinyl Club and one more jam after that (luckily, all this stuff got recorded) and then Jason Williams was out of the band and heading back up to Seattle, or Tri-Cities, or Aberdeen, whatever fuck you. It's grunge rock, do you really care where the fuck we're from? Hardly anybody is gonna download this shit anyway, or even read this so fuck off. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen and download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 5" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 5" by Warstars HERE!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 4


In 2005, Andy Warstar captured four quintessential WARSTARS jam sessions on tape. These sessions featured Eddy Warstar on bass guitar, Thrasher Warstar on percussion, and Andy Warstar on guitar and vocals. These were the sessions that most closely matched the vision Andy Warstar had for WARSTARS from the beginning of the band's inception.

And why shouldn't the band be able to go from bizarro Butthole Surfers influenced indie rock to Industrial rock to Grunge and Punk? The answer is, Andy Warstar does whatever the heck he wants to, and the WARSTARS is a band that is capable of any fucking thing. So here's your chance to download some sessions where a band sounded more bad ass than any other band in the world for a second. The real irony here is that these jams were meant to prep the boys to win at the SOU Battle Of The Bands.

Instead, the band lost. They played their hearts out, and worked really hard to rehearse (as you can hear here), transport their equipment down to the show, setup, play, break down and for what? For a bunch of college kids to vote a hip-hop band into the first place slot, with a funk band coming in second, a homeless patchouli soaked hippie with a battered guitar in third place, and the Warstars dead last. Well fuck all that. It just goes to show how completely manipulated kids have been by corporate music.

As a result of the loss, Eddy Warstar quit and another great punk band was ruined for a second. Yes, Warstars went on to record without Eddy (and yes, Eddy even came back to menace everyone in the studio at ramdom times in the future). But the band was never the same, thank Gawd. Actually, Warstars became better than ever, recording super high quality punk rock albums totally on their own, and produced entirely by Andy Warstar. And they're all free for you to listen & download. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 4" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 4" by Warstars HERE!

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Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 3


In 2005, Andy Warstar, Thrasher Warstar and Eddy Warstar kept rocking out at Studio 57 in Ashland, Oregon. This is the third volume of recordings from those fateful days when the WARSTARS was hoping to  win the Battle Of The Bands at Southern Oregon University where Andy Warstar had graduated eight years prior.

This session showcases the tightness and versatility of the band tackling songs that were usually punk songs, now with a cleaner sound and adding in harmonica. Yes, the usual punk rock songs with the dirty grunge sound are there, and no you can't hardly hear the vocals because the band was playing so loud and Andy's voice was only coming through a small guitar amplifier.

This session is also notable for excellent workings of "Jesus Loves Me" (later to become "Penis Vagina") and  blending this song in with other songs immediately after in one big long now. Yes, it's kind of like eating mexican seafood as an aero zeppelin flies overhead and suddenly you have an aneurysm. Actually, it's more like being trapped in the Matrix with nothing to keep you company but Virginia's Vagina. So you have to Surrender and do cheap tricks and shit. Anyway, this is awesome, so download it. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 3" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 3" by Warstars HERE!

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Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 2


In 2005, Andy Warstar and Thrasher Warstar contiuned their onslaught of live in the studio punk rock recordings at Studio 57. Now joined by Eddy Warstar, WARSTARS was revving up to completely destroy the competition at S.O.U. Battle of The Bands. This was the first of four rehearsals featuring Eddy, and some of the best live studio material from that time period.

Using a $60 used bass guitar, Eddy somehow managed to dial in the sound, giving the band a strangely funkified, pseudo Primus sound, which  blended rather nicely with the grunge sound the band had going on at the time. Eddy was also a virtuoso guitar player, and was able to jam and go off in many directions as Andy and Thrasher extended the songs out from 3 minutes into 10 minute intergalactic whatever, fuck you.

Anway, this was another really great session. Eddy was totally out of control, Thrasher was stoked to have a crazy bass player, and Andy Warstar was just like "How long's this guy gonna last? We've already had six bass players this year!"  Yeah, well, punk rock is like that. Your lucky if you get any songs together, much less record them and have a gig. And so it was that this great band so loudly did it's thing almost in secret (going off Malcolm McClaren's formula of staying unknown), then went on to become more famous than Nirvana and the Ramones put together. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen and download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 2" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 2" by Warstars HERE!

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Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 1


In 2005, Andy Warstar was riding his bike down Main Street when he saw a dude standing at the bus shelter looking for a spark to light up a smoke. He had long blonde hair under a Thrasher skate cap, and his name was Jason Williams. Andy Warstar said "No, I don't have a light, but I need a drummer." And it just so happened that Thrasher (a.k.a. Captain James T. Warstar as he came to be known) was a great drummer.

Previously from a band called The Fumes on the Epitaph Europe punk label, Thrasher could easily play the most ripping beats with his eyes closed. He also had an ego to match, but that didn't seem to rescue him from ongoing battles with his girlfriend and a struggle with homelessness. Because Andy Warstar had been there himself a number of times, he struck a deal with Thrasher. "You can sleep on my couch rent free any night of the week if you'll be the drummer in my band."

With a love for a "nodge" of medicinal herb at just about any given time (Andy usually asked Jason to wash some dishes first before a kick-down was meted out), the two band mates had a bit in common with similiar influences such as Poison Idea and... J-dog was also a pretty good guitarist, so he knew how to help the band become a very tight two piece band in the interim when Warstars was seeking a bass player. Anyway, this is the first recorded session from Andy's house on Fordyce Street in Ashland, which famously became known as the headquarters of Studio 57 Records. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 1" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Studio 57 Sessions - Vol. 1" by Warstars HERE!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Rain's Room


In 2008, Andy Warstar met Low Road who said he would play bass in the WARSTARS. The first thing these two new friends did, however, was go over to Rain's place and use his bedroom as a recording studio. Why they did this, nobody knows. It was a random suggestion to go over to the apartments on Wimer Street and rock, and that's what happened.

Other friends in tow included former Warstars bass player Eddy Warstar and Low Road's girlfriend. There were also a couple other kids hanging around that day, and you get to hear their comments on this recording as well. But that's not what this recording is about. This recording is about hearing Andy Warstar pulling out fresh new material and classics while being "produced" by Low Road on his portable recording unit (a microphone and mixer hooked up to a DVD recorder).

There are a couple songs here by Low Road and one by Eddy, but it's mostly Warstar, so you can rest assured that this album will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family and whatever. What else? It was a weird day with weird people making weird music in a tiny town near the border of Oregon and California. There was nothing else to do. So this album goes out to all those peeps who are also living in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do except listen to cool stuff like this. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen and download "Rain's Room" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Rain's Room" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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KSKQ Sessions


In 2008, Andy Warstar started volunteering at KSKQ (Ashland community radio) in his University town. On occasion, Warstar wandered through the studio to see who was around. On one occasion, Andy came across Brandon and Nick who invited him to play on their show the following week.

With that, we get the bulk of this album. Opening with a twenty minute radio interview, and then busting out into a full set of live tunes played on the air, this album offers plenty of explanations as to what these classic Warstar tunes are actually about. You also get to hear these songs played in high fidelity with harmonicas that were almost totally worn out from being used on the 2007 "Go Folk Yourself" Australian Tour.

The album closes with a couple songs and interview segments from Vibin' In The Valley with Shanus. That show featured reggae and other marijuana influenced music, so Warstar busted out a Bob Marley cover and his original tune "Ganja Farm". These are the only two guest performances Andy Warstar did on KSKQ in the year that he volunteered at the station, and so they are now compiled onto this one album. Many thanks to KSKQ for providing such an awesome service to the Rogue Valley. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "KSKQ Sessions" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "KSKQ Sessions" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Noise Party


In 2006, Andy Warstar played music with a number of people, all satellite Warstars. Starting with a journey to the ocean, Andy Warstar recorded the first two tracks on this album with his Panasonic portable cassette recorder down in Fort Bragg, California at a friend's house. Both songs are impromptu stoner jams. The rest of the album is from 2005 and is No-Wave noise rock. As the story goes, Andy Warstar invited friends over on both Halloween and New Year's Eve to party and jam. Both those evenings were recorded on cassette tape and transferred to digital shortly afterwards using a Pentium III computer and Pro Tools software. In 2012, these recordings were compiled onto one album with exclusive bonus studio tracks.

So let's elaborate on the details of this experimental material, shall we? The Halloween night jams feature three members of Your Decision, including Matty Warstar, an honorary Warstar member who had previously been Andy's house mate. Your Decision was based out of Medford, the neighboring town to Ashland. The band had showed up at Andy's house to drink wine and play music. Right after the jam began and the tape started rolling, another group of friends showed up at the door with some magic brownies. You can hear them talking at the beginning. That female vocalist on the Halloween Jams is Brynna Dean. At the time of these recordings, she was a member of Your Decision. She later went on to front 100 Watt Mind, a blues and classic rock band. However, she was into punk and alternative music at the time, and these are some of the first recordings to capture her wailing.

The New Year's Eve jams happened shortly after two of Andy's friends, Ira and Becca, came over to watch a movie and get stoned. The movie never happened. Instead, Warstar gave the young couple a five minute lesson in noise rock. Both those kids had experimented with instruments before, so this was nothing new for them. Ira had been proficient on hand drum, so sitting at the kit, was new, exciting, and sounding better than expected. Andy set the tape rolling once again and captured the weirdness. Noise Party also includes the studio noise track "My Favorite Color Is Red", featuring Otis Merely who also appears on the Fruit Cellar Jams album. "My Favorite Color Is Red" was recorded summer of 2006. There is also a reworked studio collage version of "Jesus Loves Me" featuring Matty Warstar on drums and Oral Roberts on vox. Enjoy and Rock On...

This blog entry is dedicated to Lou Barlow (of Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr.), an original pioneer of experimental rock music! Cheers.

Listen and download "Noise Party" by Andy Warstar & Friends for FREE here:

Download "Noise Party" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oz Sessions


In 2007, Andy Warstar travelled to Australia for the first time in his adult life. While visiting his uncle in the seaside town of Mooloolaba, Andy decided to begin scheduling gigs around town. Trouble was, he didn't know where to start! His uncle suggested Andy look in the paper to get some ideas, and it was there that Warstar found out about a talent quest at Mooloolaba Underwater World (a marine themed animal sanctuary).

So Andy Warstar signed himself up, but he didn't plan on winning. He chose instead to play a few classic songs of his own that were not pop songs or meant for radio play. At this time, Andy wasn't playing with Warstars (he left the band behind him when he left the states), nor did he have any harmonicas either. So this new album opens with that performance, Andy Warstar's first Australian performance playing live in Mooloolaba, the seaside town with the funny name. Whereas this performance was originally buried on the "Go Folk Yourself" album as track number thirty one, it is now showcased here as the first track on the album.

Next on the album comes a bedroom recording session by Andy Warstar, captured on a Panasonic Pentium II Toughbook using an old Free version of Pro Tools. The sound quality remained lo-fi due to the use of a cheap computer mike to pick up the sound. These songs were put down as a record of what had been accomplished so far, and to get a sense of where to go next in song writing. Warstar had already spent a number of months playing out in Byron Bay and Nimbin, and his harmonicas were starting to go bad, lending that "extra special charm" to the recordings.

The album closes with four bonus tracks not previously released on any Andy Warstar album. These are outtakes and remixes of songs recorded in the same guest bedroom at his Uncle's house. What makes these songs special is that they are a blend of live in the studio recording with "studio magic" and multi-tracking to give them more of a "produced" underground music feeling. Lastly, the album cover features an aerial photograph of Mooloolaba. You can see the boats next to the wharf where Andy first played, the suburbs where he recorded in his bedroom, and the beach where he jogged in a pair of combat boots. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen and download "Oz Sessions" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Oz Sessions" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Live @ The Music Kafe - Vol. 2


In 2012, Andy Warstar auditioned at The Music Kafe in West End, Brisbane. That ended up becoming volume one, and this here live album is volume two. This is the official performance from a month later. The first performance was on 10/10/12 and the second was on 11/11/12. Pretty trippy, hey? It wasn't even intentional that the dates should be all magical, but they were.

So Andy texted a bunch of people the day of the show and said "Hey, I'm playing. Come on down!" and sure enough, a few cool peeps showed up. One of them was Andy's friend Phil, who videotaped the show with Andy's new video camera. But the audio came out all crappy, because Andy used a lower quality video setting. So it's lucky that Phil's Dad came along and videotaped the show too. Because it was higher sound quality, and Andy was able to cull the soundtrack from that video and make this here live album.

This performance features Andy back in stride, with his casual onstage swagger and meta humor song introductions. And as Andy spins little yarns between the songs, he reminds himself of the songs he wants to play next, with subject matter that is relevant to the topic at hand. Such is the method to the madness, and so we get the classics "4000 Years" and "Only Truth" once again. There is also a first time song here, the eight minute "Tijuana", which Andy Warstar made up on the spot, as a bit of an experiment. It came out really great, and left time for little else. So Andy Warstar ended the evening playing a little acoustic version of Daniel Johnston's "Devil Town" and threw in the new WARSTARS studio remix for good measure. Enjoy & Rock On!

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Download "Live @ The Music Kafe - Vol. 2" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Medcom Sessions


In late 2011, it was winter in southern Oregon and your old pal Andy Warstar was homeless in his hometown. Eventually, he moved in with his old drummer J Galactic, but in the months preceding that bleak phase was an even bleaker one. Imagine Warstar roaming around the streets in a slow, stoned daze. Long hair blowing in the icy wind, NIRVANA patch on the back of his black flight jacket. Nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Then quite suddenly, Lowroad Warstar mentioned to Andy that he had a new studio set up in his "other" house. This was a huge home up in the hills, and was the defunct corporate headquarters of Medcom, a small corporation that was closing up shop and moving to another part of town. Low Road (who claims that he was COMPLETELY uninspired by Andy and J while participating in Warstars) made the offer to let Andy come over and record so that he could be some place warm.

Regardless of the insults, Andy Warstar let Low Road half-assed co-produce four volumes of Warstar recordings over a three week period. The good thing is that high quality microphones were used to capture the events of those days/evenings. The bad thing is that Low Road had a penchant for sitting in the room smoking weed, laughing and cavorting with his girlfriend while Andy was trying to record. Additionally, Low Road would randomly go to the mixing board and change the effects, then move the sliders and levels up and down (the sliders were filled with dust, causing static in some of the songs).

So goes the story of  the Medcom Sessions. The best of these recordings would eventually be compiled into the 'Love' double album. And during the time that these tracks were, Andy Warstar was also working on the 'Light' album on his own time. While 'Light' was lower fidelity than 'Love', there was more variation and less psychedelia. Yes, 'Love' was a really album, but where 'Love' falls short, those gaps are filled by the release of these complete Medcom sessions, with all the second takes and banter that bring out the fun of recording music, even when two old friends have such differences. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen and download "Medcom Sessions Vol. 1" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Medcom Sessions Vol. 1" by Andy Warstar HERE!

Listen and download "Medcom Sessions Vol. 2" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Medcom Sessions Vol. 2" by Andy Warstar HERE!

Listen and download "Medcom Sessions Vol. 3" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Medcom Sessions Vol. 3" by Andy Warstar HERE!

Listen and download "Medcom Sessions Vol. 4" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Medcom Sessions Vol. 4" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

HUGE e.p.


In 2012, Andy Warstar finally came back down to Earth and settled on the planet Houston in a city called Brisbane, Australia. It was when he was looking for an apartment that he found a drummer named Hugh, who liked metal and comic books. He also liked dairy products, but we'll get to that.

Hugh told Andy that "No, I'm not gonna have you as a housemate, but I'll play in your band." Now that seemed odd to Andy, but since Warstar had already found another nicer place, he went with it. In the weeks that followed, Andy and Hugh had two jam sessions. Both were recorded, the first with the webcam on a Toshiba NB 300 mini netbook, and the second captured with the video recorder on a Nokia Classic mobile phone.

After riding a bus across the city, carrying a guitar in a heavy case on his back and an amplifier in his arms, Andy Warstar showed up for the second practice at Hugh's place. But instead of an appreciative young man grateful for the opportunity to work with a veteran of the punk scene, Andy encountered a jaded and sloppy young dude who was more excited about his new job down at the Cheese Factory than jamming that day. And after a brief jam session, Hugh explained his perspective to Andy Warstar.

"You don't know me! You don't even wanna know me," explained Hugh. "You're just into your own thing. That's cool, but I'm not into being a session musician." Then Hugh quit the band, and your old pal Andy Warstar took what few recordings he had made with Hugh and went on his way.

Over the next few days, Warstar put together the HUGE e.p for posterity, and to show himself and the world that he is a steadily working musician with a lot of energy, talent and dedication. What we have here is a fine batch of songs, where Grunge meets Metal with an Industrial influence. The HUGE e.p. contains two live versions of the classic WARSTARS track "She Said (Kill Yourself Now)" and includes the studio version at the end, for good measure. Yes folks, WARSTARS has come far from the Punk and Industrial roots whence it sprung. Enjoy & Rock On!

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Download "HUGE e.p." by Warstars HERE!

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The Catholic Worker


In 2012, Andy Warstar quit smoking weed (yes, he had a prescription for it) and began to lose his marbles. It didn't help that his family rejected his artistry and unconventional views on the world. So Andy went homeless for a while until, by the kindness of J Galactic (Warstars previous drummer), Andy Warstar found himself sleeping in a shed off J's garage down in Easy Valley trailer park.

After two months of relative quiet, meditation, and only the occasional alien visitation and green glowing robot spies floating through the house at night, Andy Warstar finally lost it. "The government's after me Jeff. I saw police in my room last night. A black ops dude with a headlamp pulled my blankets off my face, then suddenly disappeared!" Galactic laughed and shook his head. But Andy Warstar knew better. He shaved his head in a Buddhist declaration of peace, deleted most of his combative punk music off the internet, sold his guitar amplifier and most of his possessions, then began making his way to the border.

On the way south, Warstar couchsurfed in San Ramon, and it was there that he had a vision of the Lizard People taunting him with a rapid succession of occult images and satanic pentagrams. Immediately afterward, he had a vision of The Holy Spirit floating above him. A voice said "Now I want you to put your music back online, and this time play music for God!" Andy Warstar laughed and replied telepathically "Ha ha! If you were really God, you'd know I'm a Buddhist!" With that, the Holy Ghost began to dissipate, saying "Ha! Well, I guess you don't need me then..."

Andy Warstar continued south and made it to the border of Mexico. He walked through Tijuana, met a Mexican kid who, as a guide, took him to the bottom of Mexico on a chicken bus. From there, Warstar took another bus all the way through Central America and finally met up with his friend Andre in Costa Rica. Warstar and Dre had met in Australia five years prior. Warstar wanted to explain his predicament to his friend, but Dre's buddy was there, and he suggested that Andy might be going schizo from quitting weed so suddenly.

So Andy Warstar called back home, borrowed the money for a plane ticket to Australia where he could seek free medical care (he's a citizen there, and Australia's health care system is pretty good). Andy Warstar travelled back to the land of his birth once more, and it was there that he began volunteering at a Buddhist retreat. Still, the dreams of police attacking him, interrogating him, telling him to "Get a job or we'll cut your balls off" and all kinds of threats lent Andy Warstar to thinking that he had somehow become a victim of the HAARP mind control technology.

The Buddhists said "It's all in your mind" and so Andy Warstar travelled to Brisbane to see a priest and get an excorcism. Two excorcisms didn't work. The visions continued. Visits to the psychiatrist resulted in a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia from going off weed too fast, and anti-psychotics were prescribed. Those didn't work either. Meanwhile, Andy Warstar moved into the local Catholic Worker house and began vigorous Bible study to see if there were any clues that might be offered there. For example, did you know that Jesus was the original punk? Well, maybe more of a hippie-punk, but still a pretty cool guy according to legend. So in homage, Andy Warstar recorded a bunch of songs with his new friends at the Catholic Worker house. Now they are all right here for you. Enjoy & Rock On!

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Download "The Catholic Worker" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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