Saturday, September 29, 2012

Live @ The Heartsong Chai Hut


In 2008, Andy Warstar returned to Ashland, Oregon U.S.A. after his 2007 "Go Folk Yourself" Australian Tour. He began to book gigs at various venues in his hometown and play them with very little promotion. This is Andy's first performance upon return to the States that year.

Whereas Andy Warstar had been playing to packed houses (they were already packed for other reasons when he showed up), there were maybe three people at this particular gig at the old converted Pizza Hut building (known after closing down as The Chai Hut, as that's where a bunch of hippies sold their liquids, and then that place eventually closed down too).

Andy's friend Terry showed up to the gig and stayed for the whole thing, even indulging Warstar in a personal one on one interview. Now you, the Warhead, have a chance to hear these very personal moments when a young, upcoming rock star is hanging out with his good friend and drinking hippie liquid. Oh yes, there were some flyers put out the day of the show. Someone was said to have remarked to Andy Warstar "Oh yeah, the flyer looked cool, and I was gonna come to the show, but then I had other stuff to do." Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Live @ The Heartsong Chai Hut" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Live @ The Heartsong Chai Hut" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Live @ Cultureworks


In 2010, Andy Warstar stopped into Cultureworks in Ashland, Oregon to pay a visit to his friend Sylvia who worked therein. She was very happy to see him, and requested that Andy get up on stage and play some music for her and everyone else that was sitting having lunch.

So Andy Warstar went out to his van, grabbed his guitar and harmonicas, along with his portable Playskool cassette recorder. He went inside and up onto the stage and proceeded to play alternative, underground punk folk music, the likes of which had seldom been seen, encouraged, or allowed on that stage (or any other in Ashland). A celebrity audience appearance by Panther Sequoia (of Violent Femmes fame) is contained herein, as well. Panther makes a request for the classic Warstar song, Virginia's Vagina, and Andy Warstar obliged.

And as Andy had suspected, an establishment run by pretentious out-of-towners (not Sylvia), and with such a pretentious name (what, like we didn't have any Culture in Ashland before you people came along?) was not meant to last. Andy Warstar's performance at Cult-sure-works (as he was fond of calling it) marked the end of an era. Warstar went on to perform in Australia, Sylvia got a crush on some other guy and had a baby, and Panther Sequoia recorded a cover of Virginia's Vagina that become a smash hit in German discoteques. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Live @ Cultureworks" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Live @ Cultureworks" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Live @ The Arts Factory


In 2011, Andy Warstar returned to Byron Bay, Australia to live and work in a house by the ocean. It was there that Warstar produced a number of live albums, including this one entitled "Live @ the Art's Factory". These songs were performed at Byron's oldest and most famous backpacker's hostel at their weekly open mike.

There are two performances here, the first from the Arts Factory open mike, and the second from the open mike song competition at the Buddha Bar (right next door, and previously associated business establishment). The audio from the first half of the album was culled from a high quality digital camera, so the sound is quite nice. The second half of the album was recorded with an HP mini 1000 mini netbook. To the dismay of the sound man, Andy set the laptop behind him (and the monitors) so as to avoid any distracting the audience from his performance. This lends for a lovely, low fidelity recording that will remind you of those recordings by the great folk artists of the 60's.

And as it happened, Andy Warstar won second place in the competition at the Buddha Bar (and $50.00, the most money he'd ever made at a gig). First place went to this overly emotional blonde chick. It's funny how society applauds guys who can rock hard while keeping their cool, and women who can rock hard while singing about heartbreak and what have you. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go 'round, as they say. So sit back, relax, and become One with everything. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Live @ the Art's Factory" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Live @ the Art's Factory" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Live @ Nimbin Mardi Grass


In 2007, Andy Warstar visited Nimbin, Australia on his "Go Folk Yourself" tour. It was there that he met the denizens of this small town, rediscovering the intricacies of small town life, but from an Australian perspective.

Most fascinating of all, perhaps, is that Nimbin is home to Australia's largest pro-cannabis festival (and perhaps the world's largest!). With over 10,000 people rumored to be in attendance, and with the likes of Tommy Chong making appearances, this festival really is a lot of fun! Andy Warstar did his part to bring joy to the hearts of hundreds in attendance that fine weekend in 2007.

Presented here are both performances by Andy Warstar. The first set was played on the small stage on Saturday. The second set was performed on the big stage on Sunday. Coming off the stage to applause, laughter, and whispered rumors that Warstar was the next big folk singer of a generation, Andy Warstar's friend's comment hit closer to the mark:

"Mate, you're like a mutated cross between Bob Dylan and Sid Vicious!"

That being said, you know what you're in for. Additionally, these performances were recorded with a Radio Shack microphone plugged into an old Pentium II Panasonic Toughbook laptop running Cool Edit Pro. To the average sound production engineer, that might mean it could be pretty decent sound quality. Well, it is what it is, and being digital, this music is good enough quality to enjoy with or with a number of bong rips. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Mardi Grass 2007 - Disc 1" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Listen and download "Mardi Grass 2007 - Disc 2" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Mardi Grass 2007" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Retrospective 2008-2012


In 2012, Andy Warstar began uploading the Andy Warstar Collection to  the internet. In doing so, he was prompted to submit songs to Reverb Nation, a nice website that makes music available to people for FREE via a Facebook application. This album is the result of Andy submitting his favorite Warstars songs to that site.

Starting from the underground hit "Inside Job", the album rocks on through to "The Queen of Extreme" there in the middle, and finishes off strong with the epic "Ganja Farm". These songs capture Andy Warstar, Low Road Warstar, J Galactic Warstar and Galileo Warstar in peak formation. We also have some of the most accurately played and recorded solo tracks by Andy herein.

If you've never heard Andy Warstar & the Warstars before, this album is a great place to start. It will prepare you for everything that is GLAR! And should you fall in love with this music, you can proudly call yourself a Warhead, then listen and download everything by Andy Warstar & the Warstars. Enjoy & Rock On!!

Listen & download "Retrospective 2008-2012" by Andy Warstar & the Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Retrospective 2008-2012" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Rainbow Gathering


In 2007, Andy Warstar went to a Rainbow Gathering in Australia because a couple hippies said "Do you got anything better to do?" Since Warstar's job involves travelling around playing music for people while simultaneously recording his exploits, he followed suit. It was there in Baryulgil, Australia that Andy Warstar met all sorts of wacky and zany people. Chillin' out with Ben, Dan, Ultimate, and many others down there in Gypsy Camp, Warstar became a popular favorite around the campfire in the evenings.

Singing his hit songs "Dangerous Hippie" and "Ganja Farm", Andy Warstar quickly became leader of a rogue band of punk folkers who built the campfire every night at the main circle (without any thanks from the Alphas who danced and pranced pretentiously and without a thought or care).

Yes folks, this was one spectacular occasion (not). Omitted was the love scene between Warstar and the hippie chick down by the river. No, your old pal Andy didn't get any, but as the old saying goes "Never trust a hippie!" So with that, Studio 57 Records brings you both disc 1 & 2 of The Rainbow Gathering by Andy Warstar. Enjoy & Rock On...

Listen and download "The Rainbow Gathering - Disc 1" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Listen and download "The Rainbow Gathering - Disc 2" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "The Rainbow Gathering" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Vol. 4


In 2011, Andy Warstar brought his guitar and laptop (with Cool Edit Pro) downtown to Evo's Coffee Lounge for one last jam and recording session before leaving the country and returning to Australia. As it were, the denizens of Evo's were all gathered around the Gazebo (75 degree angle) and vibrating at a similar frequency, according to the Groupthink theory.

It was that fine day that Andy Warstar and Low Road Warstar traded songs that would go down in infamy, having been recorded and stuff. And this being the fourth installment in the Evo's series, it may actually be the best quality, and the most varied collection of songs yet! But who's to say really... All we know for sure is that the Gazebo is gone, and with it, so many of the good times and great tastes (and you deserve a break today and all that).

You can bet that the hippies and gutter punks are still hanging out around there, though, always hoping somebody will buy them a free cup of coffee though. And for those who can't even get that, well, there's this free album. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Vol. 4" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Vol. 4" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Vol. 3


It was 2010, and it was winter. And it was Andy Warstar sitting on the patio in the freezing cold with his old pal Breyanna (a.k.a. Breylapse). Suddenly, Brey says to Warstar "Hey Warstar, can I play your guitar?" And Warstar replies "Sure, if I can record everything". And Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams Vol. 3 was born!

This third installment in the series is shorter than all the rest, but like the two previous installments and the one that came after, there are songs being traded and shared (and eventually sold, mu wa ha ha ha ha!!!!) Yes folks, this is another one of those down home punk folk albums that you just can't get enough of. I mean, who wouldn't want to hear a strung out punk rocker chick angrily down-strumming on Leonard Cohen and Carter Family covers that were meant to be lovingly finger picked?

We at Studio 57 Records are so sure you'll throw away your Beatles records after hearing this internet album release (lovingly downgraded to fibrillating mp3 quality), that you'll become a Warhead forever and ever into the next dimension! So grab an ice cold can of something ice cold, kick back, relax, and go back in time... A time when people were cold, and all they had was coffee and guitars, and friends who were only fairweather friends so that they could strum your guitar and fuck your best friends (who they themselves turned out to be fairweather friends also). Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Volume 3" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Volume 3" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Vol. 2


In 2010, Andy Warstar was just sitting around at Evo's Coffee Lounge in Ashland, Oregon languishing and doing absolutely nothing. Maybe it was the weed, or maybe the coffee wasn't strong enough that day. Suddenly, Low Road Warstar appeared from behind a tree and squawked "Hark! Thy Warstar must recordeth with thine recorder and thus guitar!"

That was when Andy went behind Evo's, sat on a park bench under a tree, and jammed on his guitar while recording it all with Low Road's digital pocket recorder. And thus and thine, it was time that Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams Vol. 2 was born! The chipmonks and squirrels and deer and birds that all happened by while Andy was strumming along really dug the tunes, but it was the hippies in the parking lot that really got giddy when Warstar started in on his new tune "People Are Aliens", which they are.

Little did anybody know that this album series would go down in history as the greatest albums of all time. Little did Andy Warstar realize that there would be a couple more volumes of from this series recorded over that next year. And little did you realize that you also get four amazing bonus tracks at the end of this album from another time when Andy was playing and recording. This is really fucking amazing... Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Vol. 2" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Vol. 2" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams - Vol. 1


In 2005, Andy Warstar returned to his University town of Ashland, Oregon and began frequented his old haunt that is Evo's Coffee Lounge in the downtown area once more. It was there that Warstar had his first gallery opening of oil paintings back in his art school days. It was also there that many punk rock gigs had been held over the years.

Unfortunately, that scene began to die out as Evo's clientele became overrun by toothless dreadlocked hippies and gutter punks. Still, Andy Warstar was not dissuaded, and continued to bring his guitar down to Evo's patio in the summer time (along with his trusty Panasonic handheld cassette recorder) and record songs and friends discussions.

It is this first installment of the Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams series that sets the tone for the three volumes to follow. For, what should an album of jams at a coffee shop be but exactly what they were? I.e., a bunch of friends hanging out and shooting the shit with no causes or concerns for the future. Nothing on their minds but good coffee, conversation, and a few riffs on the guitar. Enjoy and Rock On!

Listen and download "Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Evo's Coffee Lounge Jams" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Songs On The Street - Vol. 2


In 2010, Andy Warstar decided it was high time to record another volume of Songs On The Street. Hence, Songs On The Street Volume 2 was born! This time, Andy Warstar decided to use an actual full sized acoustic guitar that WASN'T found in a dumpster. Still utilizing his old man tactics of recording everything with a super crappy Playskool portable toy tape recorder (made for children both actual and overgrown), Andy Warstar made the album of the century. But it wasn't this one.

Anyways, this album was meant to be a lot longer than it was, but the day grew long (among other things) as Andy Warstar happened into his old friend Fern, a beautiful hippie chick (what is it with punk rockers and hippie chicks anyways?) It was at that point that Andy decided to hit the big red STOP button and chase after her. No, your old pal Andy Warstar did NOT get laid that fine summer day. Remember, American women are very fucked up, and they no longer have sex to reproduce. You have to spill water on them after midnite. And sometimes they put out for Gray aliens who come and hump them in their sleep, at least that's what we read on the internets.

But let's not be chaste. This album not only features an awesome song made up right on the spot for Fern (who really couldn't give a fuck, both figuratively and literally), but a couple totally sweet bonus tracks recorded in the alley way in downtown Bend, Oregon right after Andy Warstar had seen Bob Dylan play live in concert at the Les Schwab Amphitheatre. And like 'ol Les who gives away free beef at every opportunity at his fine Tire outlet stores, Andy Warstar makes his beef available to all the ladies right here, baby... Ah yeah! Enjoy & Rock On!!!

Listen and download "Songs On The Street - Vol. 2" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Songs On The Street - Vol. 2" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Songs On The Street


In 2005, Andy Warstar found a little Mark II guitar in a dumpster on his way home school. It was all broken and stuff, so he took it home and with the help of a friendly roll of duct tape, he patched up that little guitar and then suddenly had an amazing brainstorm...

"What if I recorded a series of albums with this here dumpster guitar? I could start a whole new genre of music! It shall be called 'Unpopular' music..." thought Andy. And with that, the first volume in the Songs On The Street series was born. Featuring that good ol' psychedelic country twang that both hippies and gutter punks seem to really enjoy, and which ordinary people despise.

Not only is the album chock full of these songs from the mean streets of Ashland, Oregon, but there's interviews with real punk rockers (16 year old runaways) and the album cover was jacked from a Rick James album! Fair use, motherfuckers!!!!!!!! Yep, there's even the happy ending here, where Andy Warstar wanders over to the front lawn of Lithia Park and plays some really beautiful bits, what with the birds chirping and all. It's almost like Mary Poppins and Andy Warstar had just made sweet sweet love... Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Songs On The Street" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Songs On The Street" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Food Co-op Jams


In 2011, Andy Warstar came down from his little green room, wandered across the Ashland Food Co-op parking lot, and ran into his old pal Chris Coyote. Chris immediately offered up his Taylor acoustic guitar and a coffee cup filled with rum. Andy Warstar sat down, got a bit shwilly, and began to rehearse his latest songs.

"Hmmmm... How to make these songs I've never played before more interesting to the listener so it doesn't just sound like a sloppy rehearsal?" thought Andy. It was then that Warstar decided to just play the songs really really slow, speeding up and slowing down the tempo in unpredictable moments. This way, the listener can never be sure they heard the same album twice, or even remember that they heard an album afterwards!

In this way, Andy Warstar has made an album that ensures that all hot hippie chicks will want to have casual sex with him backstage, and your girlfriend and your girlfriend's mom. Because after all, isn't that what good wholesome hippie music is about? Hey! You can even listen to this album while meditating or doing yoga. The bonus track at the end with the jackhammers is sure to offer you a challenging mediation. Many thanks to Chris Coyote for helping quickly rid Warstar of his unneeded material possessions and ruin his life. Also thanks to Tye, whose classical guitar pieces will live on in infamy. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Food Co-op Jams" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Food Co-op Jams" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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See Ya Later Oz


In 2007, Andy Warstar left Australia after his eight month long "Go Folk Yourself" tour on the east coast. There were good times, there were bad times... There was Father Time standing in the doorway with a trench coat about to expose himself, and WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!! THAT'S NOT FATHER TIME!!! Holy flurking shnit...

This album features songs along the road, around the campfire, on the street with friends, and random interviews with hippies aplenty. You can be sure it's totally messed up, inappropriate and lo-fidelity, just the way Australian's like it. What, you didn't know that Kylie Minoque was the progenitor of underground music? Well good day by crikelations, because she and Michael Hutchence and Mad Max all recorded an album made entirely of dirt out at Uluru! By crikey.

Anyway, many thanks to all the Aussies involved. Sure, George Lucas shot "Star Wars" in your country because he needed free location to shoot and cheap labor. But your old pal Andy Warstar has gone a step further and really done you all a favor by recording you and posting everything on the internet for the whole world to get for FREE!! The point is to help the starving children, of course, and NOT AT ALL to get rich and famous. Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "See Ya Later Oz" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "See Ya Later Oz" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Good Day Oz


In 2007, Andy Warstar captured a lot of recordings on his portable Panasonic cassette recorder as he rambled around Australia on the "Go Folk Yourself" tour. These recordings were as varied and colorful as time itself, like Father Time and shit.

Herein, we have all sorts of stuff, like the Sounds Of The Kookaburra (which were probably actually Butcher Birds), and Dinner With Ben. Yes folks, you get to hear all of Andy's most intimate moments, like the time he was wrestling a crocodile with Steve Irwin, or when he saw the Rainbow Serpent, or when that stupid Koala tried to rape him in the arse (again). Bugger off, Koalas!

Yes, Good Day, by crikey! As Sweet! Bloody wombat... You can be sure that you went to Australia after listening to this album. No one will doubt your story, especially not your old pal Andy Warstar. And like the Buddha says, everything is an illusion (especially the countless drug references on this album and critique of the Australian government). Anyways, Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Good Day Oz" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Good Day Oz" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Rainbow Rarities


It was 2007 and Andy Warstar got invited to a Rainbow Gathering just outside of Baryulgil, Australia."Those things are for dirty hippies!" exclaimed Warstar to his friends. "Do you have anything better to do? Besides," they said, "You can come along with your tape recorder and make fun of all the hippies. It'll be great!" And that's exactly what Warstar did.

Here, you get to listen to Andy hang out with all his fairweather friends, both old and new. You get to hear the best recordings from the album Rainbow 2007 by Andy Warstar, all in one amazing volume! And since Warstar had been to a couple other Rainbow Gatherings in North America (the Nationals in both northern California and Colorado), he assure you, the listener, that  Rainbow Gatherings in Australia are pretty much the same thing there too.

From classic begging songs like Magic Hat to dread locked Trustafarians doing Bob Marley covers, it's all here. Then of course, you've got Andy Warstar playing all his classic folk tunes along side sloppy hand drummers and digeridoo players. You can hear the sounds of the Bell Birds, one of Australia's most wonderful invasive species, chirping away in the background. And most of all, you get to hear the camradery of all the losers down in Gypsy camp, or pirate camp, or reject camp, whatever fuck you. Yes folks! It's all here for you to... Enjoy & Rock On!

Listen and download "Rainbow Rarities" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Rainbow Rarities" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Greatest Misses


In 2003, Warstars were invited to perform live on the air at 94.7 KNRK, Portland, Oregon's largest alternative rock station. The band was scheduled to appear beginning at 5:00 am and play a number of live spots once every 20-30 minutes. At 8:00 am, Warstars was then invited into the studio to be interview on the Gustav & Daria show (Daria was sick that day, so there was another D.J. standing in). The band was interviewed, and then preview their first single, a mash-up style, punk influenced Industrial dance track called "Stars & Bars".

During the interview, Gustav was terrific, asking intelligent questions and being a really fun guy in general. Meanwhile, the other D.J. couldn't even pronounce Warstars correctly, with Gustav actually correcting him on air. At one point, however, the stand-in did ask some pertinent questions as to why the Warstars website had pentagrams and satanic imagery on it at the time. Andy, Evilyn, and Shmoby all did their best to explain that this was a remnant from their previous bass player. The guys go on to explain that their intention was to mock the Christian/Satan paradigm, because at the time nobody in the band believed in angels or demons. Andy's perspective on these kinds of phenomena would later change.

Because all of the radio performances on this album, the interview, as well as the studio tracks were all produced during and prior to 2003, the album is marked as released in 2003. In actuality, the album was compiled in 2005. This was one of many efforts by Andy Warstar to stir up some interest in Warstars after he returned to southern Oregon and regrouped the band with Captain James T. Warstar. The album was titled "Greatest Misses" because, although the band had received one phone call from an A & R rep from an unnamed major label, none of the songs went on to dwarf Marilyn Manson in the charts.

"Greatest Misses" was named in homage to DEVO's album of the same name. The album cover originally featured Andy doing the Texas Longhorns hand sign (rock and roll devil sign thingy) with both hands. However, because Andy Warstar eventually became a more spiritually based artist and took a role in activism, he changed the album cover to another photo taking that fateful morning at KNRK by Evilyn of him eating a Pop-Tart. Since this time, Warstars no longer toys with anything of the occult, nor do they mock the stuff either, since people really do practice the black arts, and the band is looking to make peace with all spirits, not become enemies and further karmic attachment.

More to the point, Andy Warstar & the Warstars are not pro-NWO (New World Order). It seems fairly obvious that the true Satanic agenda in the world today, is that of the corporate oligarchy and that of the political elite. Their agenda also seems aimed at reducing population through illegal wars, soft kills, and genocide in general. But Andy Warstar & the Warstars feels that these things can be avoided, that the world is NOT overpopulated, and that in the true spirit of abundance, all may live long and prosper (while listening to Andy Warstar & the Warstars). Enjoy and rock on!!!!

Listen and download "Greatest Misses" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Greatest Misses" by Warstars HERE!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best Of The Archives


In 2006, Andy Warstar began compilation material that had sat around in the vaults of the mines of the Warchives for a number of years. This material was culled from his vast collection of cassette recordings and the best bits were made into one amazing archives compilation: Best Of The Archives.

This is where you'll here some of Andy Warstar's first poems, read by friends, and even group poetry where a number of people wrote various lines, then read them for the tape recorder. But wait! There's more... There are a number of early demo recordings here, including songs Andy wrote for girlfriends and his cat, neither of which he has  any more.

Eventually, with the help of Andy's friend Green and some random homeless guy, Andy Warstar would smash entire collection of cassettes with hammers behind Evo's Coffee Lounge during the summer of 2009. This was during Andy's Buddhist phase where he was searching for Emptiness, and wanted to renounce all material possessions. The three friends took a couple bricks, place them a few inches apart, place cassettes over the gap, and smashed them one by one with hammers.

They snapped hundreds of Warstars masters (that had been burned to C.D.) by hand until their hands bled. Then they tore the Warstars banner in half (the one featured in the 08-23-08 video), rolled everything up into a giant burrito of destruction, and threw it all in the dumpster. Now, three years later, your old pal Andy Warstar is done with Buddhism and back into rock and roll! Fortunately for you, the Warheads, all this great material was preserved for all time right here in glistening digital format! Enjoy and rock on...

Listen and download "Best Of The Archives" by Andy Warstar & the Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Best Of The Archives" by Andy Warstar & the Warstars HERE!

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Best Of The Remixes


In 2007, Andy Warstar re-released the Warstars "Best Of The Remixes" compilation as a limited edition of thirty hand signed CD copies. There was no cover printed, and only a hint of something different for Warheads. No one really had any idea that this album would go on to become one of the greatest selling albums of all time.

Maybe it was the remix of Virginia's Vagina, or the use of Toots & The Maytals samples in the remix of Stars & Bars. Some say it was the Monsanto remix of Pitchfork that really made Andy Warstar stand out from the crowd. And with that stark album cover... It's like, so artistic and stuff like that... It's like, wow man... Wow...

Actually NO EFFORT went into this album. Andy Warstar couldn't even be bothered to tag the tracks according to any kind of numbering sequence! What a lazy bastard. You probably shouldn't even download this album. Leave now or this album may lead you to your doom!! The tracks aren't even numbered, just alphabetized!! Glar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen and download "Best Of The Remixes" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Best Of The Remixes" by Warstars HERE!

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Staring At The Sun E.P.


In 2011, Andy Warstar and J Galactic regrouped for a brief time to record a few versions of the U2 classic, "Staring At The Sun". The result is the third official Warstars E.P. release. Most versions of this track were recorded in the new spare bedroom at J's house, while there are a couple versions that were recorded somewhere else but I can't remember where, maybe while standing on top of a police car and spraying cops with liquid L.S.D., I don't recall.

Anyway, why a U2 cover, especially when so many people hate U2? It's all because of a girl. Andy Warstar was walking through Lithia Park one summer day when he came across this spiritual looking chick sitting in the grass with an acoustic guitar strumming these chords really slow. Warstar commented how nice her playing was just because she was hot, not because she was a stellar guitarist. Anyway, she said thanks and Andy found out where she worked and made her a compilation of his best songs, which she liked.

However, the girl didn't appreciate Andy enough to want date him, respond to his advances, or really talk to him very much. Maybe she was a lesbian or was just really busy (with a brain tumor). It doesn't really matter. What does matter is that appreciation for the female species inspired a punk to make crappy music better, thus improving the whole world! "Staring At The Sun" is one of those songs that transcends genre, with interesting chord changes and lyrics to boot. It is a song sure to inspire any number of ladies to swoon in the front row of the next Andy Warstar concert, then leave without giving Andy any play whatsoever.

There are some nice solo takes here, along with duo takes featuring J Galactic. We've even included some hilarous outtakes here, entitled "Staring At The Dumb". Laugh along with Andy and Galactic as they meander their way through the blazing heat of summer time insanity in a cramped, hot, sweaty bedroom, alone together... Wait a minute! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Anyways, Enjoy & Rock...

Listen & download "Staring At The Sun E.P." by Andy Warstar & the Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Staring At The Sun E.P." by Andy Warstar & the Warstars HERE!

You can also make a donation of $5.00 here:

Inside Job E.P.


In 2008, Andy Warstar decided to write a song about what happened to him on the day of September 11th, 2001. So he sat down, penned the lyrics, and joined Low Road in the studio to compose and record the track. This E.P. contains eight slightly different versions of that original tape recorded version, along with the original, redundant chorus. There are only vocals, guitar and bass on this acoustic sounding track

Then there are two live in the studio versions at the very end of this E.P. The first one was released on a website recommended to Warstar by Evilyn Vegas Warstar called thesixtyone, hence the name of the mix. And the final track on this E.P. has just been added for this 2012 re-release. It is the version of Inside Job from the album Whatever, and contains the final version of the lyrics in the chorus.

While this song may seem "political", repeatedly exclaiming that 9/11 was an inside job (any fool can see that, or can they?), it's really not a political song. The song is really about how Andy took his website off the net because he felt it would make trouble. The song goes on to tell how his girlfriend rejected him after making a bad joke about the situation. Inside Job song caps off with how Andy came around a corner and met his bass player from ten years prior, Josh of The Hinge, and they went and had beers.

With a RAMONES flavor and a classic punk sound, this is one of those punk songs destined to go down in history. Really, our brothers and sisters in the Middle East need our support, and someday, hopefully sales of this track on the net can be donated to helping demilitarize Palestine and bring peace to the area. WWWW... What would Warstar want? STOP THE WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stars & Bars E.P.


In 2000, Andy Warstar bought his first home computer, an old Pentium II. A friend gave him Pro Tools (the Free version), and with a mere eight tracks available to him on an old dinosaur of a machine, Warstar set out to create music that had been drifting through his brain for many years.

It all added up to the first Warstars studio track ever, Stars & Bars, which is basically a mash-up style song comprised of samples by the likes of Black Flag, Jane's Addiction, Bob Dylan, KMFDM, and more. Friends of the band were so enthused by these sonic experiments that Andy felt obliged to release the material as soon as possible in E.P. format.

These tracks were rounded out by a few live in the studio cuts, early demos such as the infamous Airborne Pygmy Sluts From Hell (intended to be the name of Andy's first band, but "Orchidalgia" had already been chosen). Also included is the adults only track Billy Joe Meets The Big Bad Wolf, which is a satirical take on the old fairytale, this time with whatever sick and twisted thoughts coming to mind in free verse style composition.

In classic 80's alternative rock fashion, this music is meant to be a piss-take on the concept of Satan (for most people do not believe the Evil One actually exists). That being said, there is still "evil" in the world, and making light of it does not make it go away. So before you go around making stupid industrial goth music like this on your own, take a minute to think about it. Like your old pal Andy Warstar always says "Don't mess around with the occult. You want to be a good person, right? You want to stay sane, right? Then stay away from that stuff altogether. Go paint pictures of Happy Trees instead!"

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Welcome To Ashland


In 2011, Andy Warstar just really wanted to get the heck out of Ashland, Oregon U.S.A. It's a small town in southern Oregon that's really beautiful and everything, but because it's so close to California and Mt. Shasta, the place is now overrun with Yippies and Hippies. There is no punk scene, as it died out in the mid-nineties. Yes, your old pal Andy Warstar was there in those days, and it was bad ass!

So Andy Warstar moved into the spare room at his friend Joe's place. Joe is a bad ass blues guitarist (who himself would evenually escape the valley to go play blues guitar in New Orleans). It was Joe that inspired Andy to get his guitar and head downtown to the open mikes more often. And with that, Andy Warstar wandered through rain, sleet and snow with his axe and his recorder to perform for a bunch of locals who only pretend to like alternative folk (but who would rather hear Beatles covers and 1950's cover bands).

This album captures Andy Warstar's experience in his University hometown of Ashland. Listening to this, you can get a feel for what it's like to be one of the only people in town who likes alternative and classic punk (or anything different than what's acceptable and popular). You get to hear Andy play a couple open mikes at the beginning, and as the album progresses, you get to hear demo tracks recorded around the house and in the kitchen. Ironically, "Welcome To Ashland" ends with an escape from the valley of sorts; i.e. songs strummed on a front lawn in Talent, the neighboring town. Ah yes, summertime under chemtrail skies in La Vallee. Enjoy & Rock On!

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Fruit Cellar Jams


In the summers of 2004 and 2005, Andy Warstar drove his truck up the hill above Southern Oregon University to his friend Otis Merely's house. It was there in his friend's basement bedroom that these tracks were pulled from the restless minds of artists hungry for something more than peanut butter. Jams!

Yes, the album title comes from the fact that these guys were playing adjacent to an old fruit cellar where old people had put fruit in jars for many a generation. Andy Warstar and Otis Merely traded songs and ideas, and even read poetry by the likes of E.E. Cummings over the top of acoustic guitar. There was a lot of creativity going on here, and so much power that it resulted in a drum pedal being broken in two, and Otis's mom requesting volume levels go down on numerous occasions. However, that didn't stop these two rebels from tearing it up down in the underground!

The two friends would eventually have a falling out later that year at the website launch party (with Otis showing up late and high on LSD) Andy refused to play the gig at that point. Over one year later, and quite randomly, the two old friends crossed paths at the grocery store. They shook hands, reminisced about old times, then decided to head into the studio for the afternoon and record. After cranking up the amps, Andy and Otis recorded "Abstract Piece #6", reminiscent of Bauhaus style art rock in the avant garde genre. Enjoy & Rock On!

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Download "Fruit Cellar Jams" by Otis Merely & Andy Warstar HERE!

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