Saturday, December 8, 2012

Easy Valley Jams


In 2010, Andy Warstar finally found a place to live after being thrown out of the house by his sister the day before Christmas. That's right, his own sister threw him out of the house, and there wasn't even an argument. Maybe she didn't like Andy expressing his opinions on the existence of aliens or 9/11 being an inside job. But just because somebody in your family has a different opinions is no reason to throw them out of the house on the holidays!

And where did Andy land? Well, he ended up dropping his guitar amplifier off at the home of J Galactic Warstar (pictured) in Talent, Oregon. Warstar humbled himself and asked if he could stay for a couple days. After all, it was snowing and Warstar had nowhere to live except a tent in the forest. So J Galactic showed some compassion and invited Andy to stay for the holidays. The holidays passed, and when weeks turned into months, the two old friends decided it might be cool to see about regrouping Warstars. So a couple jams took place. One yielded the Staring At The Sun E.P. and the other yielded this, the Easy Valley Jams.

While the recording is bootleg quality, the music was exciting enough for J Galactic's year and half old daughter to bounce around to. And there's also a couple really cool remixes of Loose Change, a song that Andy Warstar always felt had the potential to be a kind of Warstars hit or classic or whatever. Anyway, it harkens back to Andy's second band, The Hinge, and is sort progressive punk or progressive grunge. Anyway it's cool and it's FREE.

So why didn't Galactic stay in Warstars and make it happen again? When Andy asked him, J Galactic said "I'm just really enjoying playing drums for God with the church band". Andy Warstar told him that was what he was doing, playing music for God and whatever. "Can't you tell, Jeff? That's why I write songs about the government being corrupt and stuff. 'Cuz God don't like that shit!" But J had his mind made up, and so it was that he would never play in Warstars again. So dig these last moments with him down in the trailer park, because that's all you get. Enjoy & Rock On!!

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