Saturday, February 8, 2014

Enjoy & Rock On...


In 2014, Andy Warstar completed the WARSTARS project, ending southern Oregon's "longest running punk band" for good. But all the recordings are still available, and we assume you've come to this website to download all the music! Fortunately for you, the Andy Warstar collection (over 200 albums worth of music) is available in it's entirety for FREE through this blog, and also through

There are two ways you can get into the music downloads. The first way is to read about all the recordings here on this blog. After you read about an album that you think will be an interesting listen, there are two download links in every blog entry. One takes you to Internet Archive where the album is stored, and the other takes you to Mega where it is also stored. You can download the recordings at either site with just a couple of clicks. Easy!

The other way to get into Andy Warstar & the Warstars music is to visit Take a look at the list of album titles, the dates, and locations of live performances. If the album title sounds interesting, the music is probably pretty cool too! You can either click an album title to visit Internet Archive and stream or download the album, or you can click the red DOWNLOAD link next to each album title to visit Mega, where the albums are also stored as zip files. The albums are accessible as one click downloads. Easy!

Thanks for your interest in southern Oregon punk rock, and Andy Warstar's unique brand of punk folk and experimental recordings. We hope to keep the Andy Warstar collection available FREE, right here online for your enjoyment for many years to come. Thanks for listening. Enjoy & Rock On!

R.I.P. Andy Warstar & the Warstars

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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Sound Of Mud


In 2013, Andy Warstar decided to quit music forever. He released a final collection of solo recordings entitled "Shreditation", then quickly realized that there needed to be at least one more WARSTARS album for the fans! So Andy Warstar took all his final studio recordings (along with a few older Warstars classics) and compiled them onto one 80 minute compact disc, giving copies to friends, as well as to every member of "The Brian Jonestown Massacre". These songs are "The Sound Of Mud".

"The Sound Of Mud" kicks off with an experimental track, then moves into classic four chord punk rock. The song "Gradeschool" was written 22 years prior, back when Andy was in his first punk band, Orchidalgia. Now, newly re-recorded and mastered, Warstar shows the world how good simple guitar riffs can sound. And though the recording may be slightly muddy, it's o.k. because "The Sound Of Mud" permeates all of existence and we must learn to love it, along with all the sparkling crispness that digital sound provides.

The album moves along to the studio version of "Dangerous Hippie" which utilizes a sample loop from "It's a Fast Driving Rave-up with the Dandy Warhol's 16 minutes" (the last song on the Dandy's first album). This is how Warstar thought of the song Dangerous Hippie, by putting his own lyrics over the top of two simple chords. We move on into "Happiness", the newly recorded classic, and then into "Less Deranged" which is Andy's last known recorded six string guitar original. At this point, the album diverges into some of the best older material, included here for the enjoyment of Andy's close friends.

The album ends with the epic "Blind Eye Sees All". Here, Andy samples Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers only DVD of the same title. This song was meant to go straight to Gibby for approval and remixing, then further release. However, the record label got lazy and ended up rejecting the track for unknown reasons. Still, it's super epic! This whole album flows nicely from start to finish and really captures the experimental side of WARSTARS. And even though Andy had always wanted WARSTARS to be an all star grunge rock band, we can see here that Warstars, though influenced by grunge, was always far more interesting a project. Enjoy & Rock On!!!!

Listen and download "The Sound Of Mud" by Warstars for FREE here:

Download "The Sound Of Mud" by Warstars HERE!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013



In 2013, Andy Warstar decided to call it quits and stop playing music forever. There were a number of recordings that had been collecting on Andy's computer, and so Mr. Warstar decided to put them out on one final album release. And so, because Andy had captured himself shredding on his electric guitar (which he has since sold), and because these were the final shreds of Andy's music, the album is entitled "Shreditation".

The album is also titled "Shreditation" because Andy quit Buddhism and quit meditation once and for all. Andy don't need no stinkin' cult and he don't need stinkin' silence, byotch! All Andy Warstar needs is fame, fortune, fans, and his name in lights. But because the music is offered for FREE and nobody ever notices the DONATE link here on the website, Andy has never made any money playing his fine anti-folk music for the people. But that's O.K. It was a lot of fun and Mr. Warstar wouldn't trade that for anything! (except fame, fortune and fans)...

This album features plenty of Warstar anti-folk standards and shredding on the electric guitar. There are some nice piano pieces (including the last one where Andy bounces baby Dandelion off the keys)! There are songs recorded amongst friends while at the beach, and there is a nice White Stripes cover of "We're Going To Be Friends" featuring Andy's friend Carola. There are even bits and pieces recorded at a local ukelele festival that happened in Brisbane, Australia. For a final Andy Warstar album, it's a fun and entertaining listen.

Anyways, if there's any more music coming from Andy, there might be a compilation of studio recordings by Warstars. But there are no more gigs planned, and there is no more new material to be released. That's all, folks. The final shreds of an attempted music career. Shreditation. Enjoy & Rock On...

Listen and download "Shreditation" by Andy Warstar here:

Download "Shreditation" by Andy Warstar HERE!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Neil Before Bob


In 2013, Andy Warstar met a guy who ran a record store in downtown Brisbane, Australia. Andy got to chatting with this guy and was asked "What kind of music do you play?" To succinctly answer the question Andy put together two CD compilations to give to the record store guy. One was a "Best Of" the Complete Studio Recordings (which remains unreleased) and the other was this here compilation of Bob Dylan and Neil Young cover tunes. This compilation also includes a couple original Warstar songs, both Dylan tributes.

Andy Warstar took both of these discs down to the fellow at the record store. He and his wife seemed to be expecting something corporate and polished. Well, some of the songs on the first CD were. But not on this disc! Those who are keen know that Punk Folk isn't all wine and roses. This is raw music. When it's good, it's good, and when it's bad, it's good! And because it's Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs, ya can't go wrong. So Andy left that record shop and headed toward the church of indifference, baby! Because it doesn't matter what anybody thinks of your music, really. At the end of the day, you've got to be satisfied enough to either keep going because you like doing it, else be satisfied with what you did and say "O.K. that's it! I'm finished."

With that, Andy Warstar decided that this very well could be his last album, indeed. What better note to end on than a compilation of tribute songs, and done in classic Warstar style! Oh, and for those who missed the pun that is the title of the album "Neil Before Bob", it's like saying two things: "Kneel before Bob!" paying homage to Bob Dylan. Conversely, it's also like saying "I'll listen to Neil before Bob" for those fans who like Neil Young's music better. For Young fans, it may come as a disappointment that there are significantly less Young covers on this album. However, a balance is struck because the Young tunes are done honestly, and with heart. And all the songs here are done with an indifference to the opinions of snobby record store owners who would posture that certain songs are untouchable. F__k all that! Enjoy & Rock On...

Listen and download "Neil Before Bob" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Neil Before Bob" HERE!

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Monday, August 5, 2013



In 2013, Andy Warstar recorded a bunch of songs between home and the city. All these songs and jams seemed to have one main theme in common: SPACE. So the song lyrics and titles of the tracks are focused on what it means to have relationships with other people, but more importantly, what kind of relationship we have with ourselves. Some of us are very conflicted, and this causes all kinds of internal strife. This can manifest in struggles with other people, with society, and with the world. So these songs are exploring that head trip.

Actually, there are quite a few head trips explored here. From the idea of living a long time (why would we want to in a world of suckas?) to the idea of being missed if we were gone. Pondering the life of a paranoid hippie on the roadside, the album's path winds around to heavy jams that look at a note's relation to a chord. Then there are songs that look at how people get ahead of themselves and annoy everyone around them. There's songs about people who make commitments even though they are secretly paranoid of socializing, and there are songs about how so many people go about their daily lives never stopping to question whether there is a point to what it is they are doing.

Most of these songs were recorded by Warstar at his home, although there a few tracks that were recorded at his friend's house in the city. There are also a few tracks (namely "Wouldn't You Miss Me" which is a Syd Barrett cover) that were recorded at a local community center. It's one thing that's quite nice about Australian society, is that there are places somebody can go to have a cup of coffee and socialize. The community center next to Andy's house also happens to have a room full of guitars, which is how these songs got recorded. From trippy little folk tunes to heavy space jams, this album really has it all! Enjoy & Rock On!!!!

Listen and download "Space" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Space" HERE!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Best Of The Remixes Vol. 2


In 2013, Andy Warstar released all his best studio tracks on a three and a half hour compilation called "Complete Studio Recordings". Although that album was totally epic, Andy Warstar didn't stop there. He set out to compile and release numerous remixes of songs by other bands. Warstar had been working on these songs for quite a while, but plans to release them needed to coincide with the important "Complete Studio Recordings". So it was that "Best Of The Remixes - Vol. 2" was released back to back with "Complete Studio Works".

Whereas "Best Of The Remixes - Vol. 1" showcased Andy Warstar's music with the Warstars, this second volume focuses more on songs by other bands, with only three songs by Andy Warstar & the Warstars. The artists included on this compilation range from Fatboy Slim to Nirvana and the Dandy Warhols. There's a little something here for fans of nearly every sub-genre of alternative rock. Some of the music is meant as a joke (like the remix by a certain corporate shlock rock band). Actually, the Fatboy Slim remix is a joke too, and was only included as a brief introduction. But Andy Warstar took the rest of the album quite seriously, even going so far as to completely reconstruct some of the songs in their entirety.

The Butthole Surfers & Andy Warstar track entitled "Blind Eye Sees All" may be one of the most spectacular moments on this album. The music was composed entirely by Andy Warstar, and the song wasn't actually ever a Butthole Surfers track. The song came about after Warstar painstakingly sampled every piece of spoken audio from the Butthole Surfers only DVD of the same name ("Blind Eye Sees All"), He then used the band's stream of consciousness spoken poetry as lyrics to an eighteen minute techno song. So kick back, relax... Enjoy & Rock On!!!!!

Listen and download "Best Of The Remixes - Vol. 2" by Andy Warstar for FREE here:

Download "Best Of The Remixes - Vol. 2" HERE!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Complete Studio Recordings


In 2013, Andy Warstar paid for a Facebook advertisement to promote his music on the internets. Just before doing so, he compiled what might possibly be his greatest compilation EVER: Andy Warstar & the Warstars "Complete Studio Recordings"!!!! As with most band compilations, the intent is to provide an album for new listeners that gives the audience an adequate summation of what the band sounds like (and what to expect from future releases). Often times, there is also the intent to promote one or two new studio tracks.

On 'Complete Studio Recordings', Andy Warstar went above and beyond to please the listener. This FREE compilation is approximately three and a half hours long, and features at least one version of every studio track ever recorded by Andy Warstar & the Warstars. The album also includes several new tracks. For example, included here are all the mixes of 'Happiness' from the Happiness EP, so the only reason you'd want to download the Happiness EP is to hear the original track order and/or to complete your collection. There's also the new folk tune, 'Elderberry', which is reminiscent of early Pink Floyd. You also get all the original Andy Warstar & the Warstars classics such as 'Dangerous Hippie', 'Going To Mars', and 'Marilyn Manson and the Y2K Jams'.

The album cover features GLAR!, the Warstars mascot which also doubles as the Andy Warstar tag. Track order on this compilation was determined by where the tracks were originally placed on the albums they came from. So if they had been track number one, they will be near the beginning of the compilation, and if they had been track number twenty, they will be closer to the end. 'Complete Studio Recordings' does NOT include many 'live in the studio' recordings featuring Warstars in their punk phase, unless they were multi-tracked. It also does not feature Andy Warstar's 'live in the studio' folk material, which is the bulk of his solo work. Many of those tracks were of high enough quality, but were not included on the album because they didn't fit the definition of being 'multi-tracked' studio recordings. Enjoy & Rock On!!!!

Listen and download "Complete Studio Recordings" by Andy Warstar & the Warstars for FREE here:

Download "Complete Studio Recordings" HERE!

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